Testimonials Weekend Warriors

"playing lazer tag - and took out my head on the stairs - blood everywhere - used spray stopped bleeding and reduced size of welt on my forhead - used it every 30 minutes or so for a day that is all"

Kelly Mission

"4 Days after a car accident thought I would go to therapy - used the lotion to bring down swelling and in 4 days I was as good as gold and no doctors"

Marlene Surrey

"Sprayed the kitchen with concentrated Protection Plus to make sure the kitchen was disinfected - bit of a germ phobe and this puts my mind at ease."

Tracey Vancouver

Had a stupid cough and rub the spray on chest and neck at night and in morning and it did the trick 

Robert Tri Cities

"had a bad back for years, with a degrading disc from sports so I rub along my  spine and lower back twice a day, and I can move better and it heats up area feels good"

Peter Surrey UK

 "As a chiropractor my hands have arthritis and using Fix it worked so well and I was using it to rub into my husbands sore back ( yep that worked as well too)"

Jerry Vancouver

"Fleas were bad this year so we used the protection spray each week on and around the animals in our house. It certainly made a huge difference"


"Get Migraines and I was told to try the lotion and it works, pretty cool."

Stan Vancouver