Testimonials Equine

"Used hoof blend - Heal it on our horses hoof as we are in a damp area and its a big problem. Within 3 weeks we were able to put a show back on the horses hood - " 

Stables Vancouver

"Used many fly protectors and this works and is totally natural"

Siana Florida

Was given the box set and very impressed with the line, look forward to distributors getting it far and wide

Joanne WPB

"Like the hand sanitizer - could be sold as a separate line"

Charles Florida

"Rubbed it deep into tendons after good afternoon ride, good for me and my horse seemed calmer"

Elane USA

Sprayed calm down on my hand and got our horses to breathe it in. Amazing, the horse simply dropped its head and relaxed. Told to spray around trailer when travelling with them. Love its organic natural and safe.

Doug Interior BC