Testimonials Dogs

Our Dog had surgery and the incision looked quite red - by putting this product on it help significantly - Using Heal It

Frank Mission

Our puppy kept scratching itself and by adding the Protection remedy blend we saw a big improvement in softness and less scratching - Swiff is certainly happier

Jenny Maple Ridge

"Simply put my ant infestation disappeared - and did not return after using the concentrated Protection +

Kerry Fraser Valley

"After a fungus infection for two years with nothing working - Heal It! did the trick in two weeks - what’s in this stuff?"

Lynda Quenel

"Our aging dog can't seem to get around to scratch lick his back, we have been using Fix it! rubbed along his spine twice a day, he seems to moving better and wanted to let you know"

Paul Abbotsford

"Fleas were bad this year so we used the protection spray each week on and around the animals in our house. It certainly made a huge difference"


"I had an ant infestation and spraying quite liberally the concentrate it removed the ants within 48 hours. they weren't dead they actually moved on - hope our neighbours are OK..."

Pedra Vancouver