Travel Size - N4L ProMotion + Muscle and Pain

Travel Size - N4L ProMotion + Muscle and Pain

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N4L ProMotion + [lotion]

Safe Organic and can be used on you and your kids. Apply to affected areas 2-3 times per day as required. External use only. Supports Healthy muscles and tendons, reduces inflammation and pain

Safe Secure Organic - Ride hard - Play hard - Soccer - In Training? Afterwards, rub in Fix it to soothe sore muscles tendons pulls and arthritis in us older folk !!!!

Supports Healthy muscles and tendon, reduces inflammation and pain.

N4L  ProMotion + is a proprietary essential oil blend in a non-greasy coconut based emulsion created to play a role in supporting healthy muscles, tendons and joint by stimulating circulation. Can be applied before or after high motion demand. It increases circulation decreasing the potential of injury plus assists in healing muscle fibres to aid overall motionabilitiy. It also reduces pain and discomfort which makes life more bearable. Has been shown to ease migraines and other stress-induced pain. 

Scientifically Formulated 4th Gen Proprietary Blend Including Wild Crafted Conifers and Broad Leafed Evergreens, English Peppermint & Myrrh