Equine- Protection + Plus Concentrate.
Equine- Protection + Plus Concentrate.

Equine- Protection + Plus Concentrate.

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N4L Protection + Plus Concentrate 500 ml // mixed with water - make 4 litres in a pump dispenser for spraying barns and perimeters. Use every week or as required.

Spray perimeter safe. Area spray to guard against the carriers of infections and parasites including Ants, Mice, Rats & Other Critters.

External use only. Guards against the carriers of infection and parasites

Scientifically Formulated 4th Gen Proprietary Blend Including Wild Crafted Conifers and Broad Leafed Evergreens, English Peppermint & Copaiba 500ml diluted makes 4 litres. 16oz diluted with water. 

Protection against the biting effect insects such as flies, mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and other carriers of diseases and parasites. 

N4L  Protection + Bite is a fast-acting non-greasy, won't stain, coconut based emulsion with a proprietary blend that plays a role in preventing/reducing infections and diseases transmitted by flies, mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. 

Test a small area first.