About Natural 4 Life Product line

Natural 4 Life products use: no synthetics, parabens, colouring or petroleum distillates.  We pride ourselves on using high grade, first distillation oils that we source from all over the world. 

Natural 4 Life’s product lines sets us apart in a healthy sustainable environment.  It’s about a new way to relieve pain, breathe better and be healthier while being naturally formulated safe for Humans, Horses and Dogs.

 Natural 4 Life Aromaceuticals

Natural-4-Life over the counter (OTC) topical medications are hand made, hand blended Locally manufactured in Surrey B.C. 100% Natural, 100% Organic, 100% Safe,    100% Absorbent with 0% petroleum distillates

We choose key essential oils that are historically proven and are used by indigenous people for hundreds of years to heal and protect themselves.

We follow their age old principles, that have been lost by pharmaceutical companies, to create our Natural 4 Life aromaceuticals. The way nature protects ©


The Way Nature Protects (™) 

Natural Life’s product lines set us apart in a healthy sustainable environment. It’s about a new way to relieve pain, breath better and be healthier while being naturally formulated safe for Humans, Horses and Dogs.

We see the same everyday ailments like respiratory distress, digestive discomfort, anxieties, and pain from over-doing it in humans as in animals, therefor we prepared high quality blends that would be safe for all, and can be used by everyone.


100% Safe,   100% Natural,   100% Absorbent
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Ultimately Natural 4 Life

It all started from a small group of individuals with diverse backgrounds, who found common ground in their love and devotion to nature, animals, sports health and the environment.                

Pain & Protection Blends

We understand you have a choice. There are other brands that sell competitive pain & protection products. Our research shows a limited number make true claims of 100% natural formulations. Many pharmaceutical products use chemicals, and it is becoming common to add steroids. OTC medicines use ingredients that are not safe for all so what is the result? The list of acceptable medications for competitive athletics and naturally safe-for-all products available on our shelves are dwindling. So be safe. Buy NL4 products and be rewarded. Every purchase has benefits. Join fans4.life to contribute, naturally.


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