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About Natural 4 Life Product line

Natural 4 Life products use: no synthetics, parabens, colouring or petroleum distillates.  We pride ourselves on using high grade, first distillation oils that we source from all over the world.  Natural 4 Life’s product lines sets us apart in a healthy sustainable environment.  It’s about a new way to relieve pain, breathe better and be healthier while being naturally formulated safe for Humans, Horses and Dogs.  Natural 4 Life Aromaceuticals Natural-4-Life over the counter (OTC) topical medications are hand made, hand blended Locally manufactured in Surrey B.C. 100% Natural, 100% Organic, 100% Safe,    100% Absorbent with 0% petroleum distillates We choose key essential oils that are historically proven and are used by indigenous people for hundreds of years to heal...

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