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N4L OTC products are all Anti-bacterial Anti-viral all natural products to clean and protect.

Natural Life started from a small group of individuals with diverse backgrounds who found common ground in their love & dedication to nature, animals, sports and health. The common conversation was the evolving crossover of topical Medicines for animals and humans. The desire was to offer a better all natural health product to assist dogs, horses, equine sports, and the weekend warriors who’s love of playing hard means going to work or school sore.

We focused in on three massive markets: Dog care & their owners. Horses and their riders. The weekend sports warrior whether they’re young or old. We see the same everyday ailments like respiratory distress, digestive discomfort, anxieties, and pain from over-doing it in humans as in animals, therefor we prepared high quality blends that would be safe for all, and can be used by everyone.

Natural Life over the counter (OTC) topical medications are 100% Natural, 100% Organic, 100% Safe, 100% Absorbent –with- 0% petroleum distillates. We choose key essential oils that are historically proven and are used by indigenous people for hundreds of years to heal and protect themselves. We follow their age old principles, that have been lost by pharmaceutical companies, to create our Natural Life aromaceuticals. The way nature protects ©

The future of pet products will be filled with healthier and natural ingredients with a cross over between human supplements and animal supplements to help with muscle and bone pain, wounds, asthma, calming and bug inhibitors.

Natural Life’s product lines set us apart in a healthy sustainable environment. It’s about a new way to relieve pain, breath better and be healthier while being naturally formulated safe for Humans, Horses and Dogs.

Within those verticals we focus on Pet life. Equine sports. Athletes. Sports Rehabilitation. Signature series products for ambassadors and Teams.

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